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Strawberry Lemonade Ice Lollies

Looking for a low-calorie snack on a hot day? These ice lollies only contain 4 calories each and are packed full of flavour using our Strawberry Crush Flavour Gourmet Drops.

This recipe is simple and easy to follow, making them great to make with your kids! The whole family will love these delicious strawberry lollies, and with no need to worry about their sugar consumption, they can have as many as they like!

This fantastic recipe was shared by @prettyprepping 

Makes 6

  • 550ml Diet Lemonade
  • 75g Strawberries
  • 20 drops of Strawberry Crush Flavour Drops



  • Using a blender, mix together the strawberries and flavour drops. When smooth, gently stir in the diet lemonade. Make sure you don’t use the blender to do this or you’ll end up with a fizzy mess all over the kitchen!
  • Once the ingredients have been mixed, slowly pour into ice lolly moulds and allow to freeze for at least six hours.

Once frozen, allow to thaw for a couple of minutes before removing from the moulds and enjoying in the garden!


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