RECIPE: DAIM BAR DONUT (65 Calories Per Donut)

RECIPE: DAIM BAR DONUT (65 Calories Per Donut)

Daim Bar Donuts


What do we want? Donuts! Why do we want them,.. Because they're only 65 calories each! See below how you can make 12 Low Calorie Chocolate Caramel Donuts. Ideal for all the family or if you want to savour a sweet treat for the next 12 days...

- 3 eggs
- 30g cocoa powder
- 6 table spoons sweetener
- 25g self-raising flour
- 40g blitzed oats
- 3 table spoons Skinny Food Co Butterscotch Syrup
- ½ tsp baking powder

To Decorate
- Caramel Chocolate Spread 15g melted or Skinny Food Co Chocolate Spread.
1 Daim bar broken up


1. Whisk 2 of the egg whites to soft peaks.

2. Separately, mix cocoa, baking powder, oats, 1 full egg and the 2 remaining egg yolks, sweetener, syrup and essence.

3. Gently fold in 2 the egg whites.

4. Then slowly sieve the flour in a little at a time, fold in and make sure you keep in the air from the egg whites.

5. Pour into Donut mould sprayed with low calorie cooking spray.

6. Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes at 180°.

Total Calories: 726 ÷ 12 = 65 cals per donut  

Disclaimer; All calculations are approximate and will differ with different brands. Please check individual products for precise nutritional information.   

Recipe Creator

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