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How To Use Our Low Sugar Pancake Mix

Do you absolutely love pancakes? If you answered YES then our low-sugar mix is perfect for you. With only 27 calories per pancake and zero palm oil, you can make a tasty stack without worrying about the sugar content. 

They are ABSOLUTELY delicious topped with our syrups, spreads and fresh fruit – the combinations are endless. But, how do you actually make them? Well, this blog is the go-to place to find out how. 



  1. Open the packet and add 1 tablespoon (15g) of the mix to an electric blender. You can also use a shaker or bowl, but a blender makes it extra smooth.
  2. Next, add 40ml of water, milk or milk alternative to the mix and combine until there’s no lumps –it shouldn’t take too long!
  3. Leave to rest for a couple of minutes before adding to a pre-heated non-stick pan sprayed with light oil.
  4. Cook gently for one and a half minutes on each side before flipping.
  5. Once both sides are cooked, plate up and add your toppings! 

Remember, you can double, triple or quadruple the quantities, one is never enough. We think the perfect stack is four pancakes, but who’s to stop you making even more…

And if you need a real-life example – watch this video! There’s even some tasty topping inspiration at the end for you to try.


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