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Disney-Inspired Recipes


Take your tastebuds on an underwater adventure with our brand-new Raspberry Sherbet Swirl flavour syrup. It’s bright blue colour that glitters and sparkles to transport you straight into a fairy-tale (giving it it’s mermaid nickname) – and what’s more? It’s not just for children to enjoy!

Channel your inner Ariel and create some foodie adventures with inspiration from your favourite Disney film. And while we admit, it won’t go well with Lady and the Tramp-style spaghetti, this sweet treat will taste amazing on pancakes, porridge and even more!

Whatever you decide, we think you’ll love this flavoured syrup as it contains virtually zero calories and can be enjoyed every day. And if you can’t think of ways to use it? We’ve done the research and come up with some of our favourite Disney food for you to recreate.

Congee from Mulan

You won’t need to be force-fed this tasty porridge to battle the day ahead! The friendly bowl of porridge can be made with fresh fruit and decorated with a smiley face for a fibre-filled start to the day. Our favourite topping? Blueberries, half a banana and swirls of mermaid syrup throughout!

Pancake Milkshake from 'Ralph Breaks The Internet'

Try this delicious twist on the game in ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ – and don’t worry, no bunnies will be hurt in the process of making it! Use our pancake mix to create mini ones (just use less mixture in the pan) and stack on a kebab stick. Place these in your favourite milkshake with some whipped cream and a big drizzle of mermaid syrup to finish. If using a blender, be careful to avoid explosions like in the game…

Magic Cookies from 'Alice In Wonderland'

Possibly one of the most iconic Disney foods are the ‘Eat Me’ cookies from Alice in Wonderland. Although they made Alice grow big as a giant, we can’t guarantee these will do the same for you! All you need to do is follow a simple sugar cookie recipe (like this one) then decorate and shape how you please! Use the mermaid syrup to write messages across the biscuits, like in the classic film, before tucking in. The perfect excuse for a Mad Hatter tea party and both adults and kids will enjoy making these!

Snow Cones from Monsters, Inc.

We don’t recommend eating yellow snow like in the film, so try creating blue slushies instead. As they’re the same colour as Sully’s fur, they work just as well! Simply blitz some lemonade and lots of ice in a blender with a couple of drops of blue food dye and our mermaid syrup. Serve in a tall glass or paper cone if you have one, before swirling some extra syrup on top. Maybe save this one for a sunny afternoon treat rather than in a snowy cave though…

Frozen-inspired sundae

Looking for the ultimate low-calorie dessert? This sundae is inspired by the film ‘Frozen’ and uses high-protein vanilla ice-cream, blueberries and our mermaid syrup. Simply layer them in a glass bowl and top with some light whipped cream and blue sprinkles. We think it’s a creation Elsa would be proud of! Plus, it’s so simple you have no excuse not to try it. Check out this amazing creation below by @mellys_sw_journey


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